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In Great Britain, __________.
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Until the early 1900s, which popular new "brain tonic" included cocaine as one of its ingredients?Coca-ColaAccording to the text, hallucinogens__________.can trigger panic attacks that are terrifying to usersShawna takes drugs to control her seizure disorder. This illustrates which of the following reasons for using drugs?therapeuticWhich category of drugs has a wide-ranging effect on the central nervous system, helping people to relax and, at higher doses, cause drowsiness and sleep?sedativesThe Fair Sentencing Act, passed in 2010, was enacted to__________.reduce the disparity in sentencing for crack possession versus cocaine possessionRitalin (methylphenidate hydrochloride) is a drug doctors prescribe to treat__________.hyperactivity disordersWhich of the following is not a reason for the rapid rise in U.S. health care costs?a declining average age for the U.S. populationAccording to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, what percentage of elderly people has some medical condition that might be considered to be a disability?50 percentWhich of the following terms refers to a medical care system in which the government owns and operates most medical facilities and employs most physicians?socialized medicineThe United States accounts for about what percentage of global AIDS cases?3 percentMost mental disorders have__________.many causes, both biological and socialFor more than a century, Sweden has__________.taken the socialist approach that health care is a basic right for all citizensIn what category of disorders does the mind appear to affect the body?psychosomaticOur culture's tendency to define women in terms of physical attractiveness__________.can lead to eating disorders, which in turn cause other serious health problemsIn societies with which type of economy does the government control most economic activity, including providing medical services and operating hospitals and clinics?socialist economiesWhat concept refers to private insurance organizations that provide medical care to subscribers for a fixed fee?health maintenance organizations (HMOs)Of the following illnesses, which probably carries the greatest stigma?mental illnessCanada has what type of health care system?The government operates like a large insurance company, paying physicians and hospitals from tax revenues.In terms of health care, liberals__________.accept the idea of most doctors and hospitals operating for profit but emphasize that government programs should be expanded so that everyone receives careRead the following statements about HIV/AIDS. Which statement is correct?Non-Hispanic African Americans are nine times more likely than non-Hispanic whites to become infected with HIV.By the 1950s, half of all U.S. households__________.owned at least one televisionThe concept of "media" refers to__________.channels of communicationThe first medium of mass communication was the__________.newspaperFor which of the following people is the risk of experiencing cyber-bullying the highest?a young girlSurvey research suggests that couples who make the greatest use of social media are__________.likely to have the highest levels of relational conflictThe earliest computers that were developed about 1960__________.were massive machines that filled large rooms despite having little processing powerFeminist theory makes the claim that__________.mass media and social media support the domination of males over femalesThe U.S. military supported the development of the internet because__________.military leaders feared war would destroy city-based mass mediaFrom which political position would someone criticize mass media and social media for drawing attention away from traditional culture?conservative positionIn general, people using social media present __________images of themselves.idealizedWhich of the following statements is supported by social media research conducted at UCLA?Students make positive assessments of online photos that they see have lots of "likes."The first U.S. president to make extensive use of social media was__________.Donald TrumpResearch indicates that social media contains a considerable amount of content that__________.glorifies various types of risk-takingAbout what year in human history did mass communication first exist?1800Among which of the following categories of the U.S. population is there little or no racial difference in internet use?Young peopleOne effective strategy to advance our capacity for media literacy is to__________.make use of multiple sources of informationResearch shows that about what share of U.S. teens claim that using social media makes them feel better connected to their friends?80 percentWhich of the following statements illustrates the concept of "media consolidation"?A larger share of media outlets is owned by a small number of large corporations.If you wanted to market products effectively by making use of data collected by sociological researchers, you would __________.use older technology such as cable and satellite technology to sell to younger people and newer internet-based media to sell to older people