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  1. example of directional selection
  2. how many kingdoms are in the current classification system
  3. Four ways we come to know things
  4. typological thought
  5. Quantitative traits
  1. a authority, belief, logic and science
  2. b 6
  3. c the concept that all living organisms conform to a norm and that variation is abnormal
  4. d continuous characters such as height weight usually measured on an interval or ratio scale
  5. e large cliff swallows survived because they had more fat stores in a cold snap so the large allele became dominant for survival. might not be fixed though

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  1. a group or species
  2. your contribution to the gene pool for future generations the higher your ability to reproduce and survive the higher your fitness.
  3. must be inherited from common ancestor, so the traits are similar due to common ancestry but they often have different function like wings.
  4. similarity in adult morphology
  5. first to use a form of the scientific method

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  1. what are two ways organisms obtain energyarchaea bacteria and eukarya


  2. Darwingeneralizations that describe phenomena


  3. the theory of evolution by natural selection was revolutionary because?it overturned the typological thinking and that species were unchanging, it was scientific and could be experimented on an tested


  4. Intersubjective testabilityability to be corroborated or repeated


  5. Ancestral traitsts that existed in a common ancestor.


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