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  1. Fitness
  2. Ancestral traits
  3. four nitrogenous bases
  4. Quantitative traits
  5. allele frequency
  1. a (A)adenine (G)guanine (T)thiamine (C)cytosine
  2. b the number of individuals in a population that exhibit a particular expression of a gene usually expressed as a proportion
  3. c your contribution to the gene pool for future generations the higher your ability to reproduce and survive the higher your fitness.
  4. d ts that existed in a common ancestor.
  5. e continuous characters such as height weight usually measured on an interval or ratio scale

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  1. must be inherited from common ancestor, so the traits are similar due to common ancestry but they often have different function like wings.
  2. father of geological science and could predict where commercial minerals could be found. started finding fossils so he began studying time geologically.
  3. eventually no
  4. geneticist who worked with fruit flies and rediscovered mendels work. he described mutations and coined the term allele
  5. that currently there ar no evolutionary factors taking place on the particular gene in question. and the previous generation mated randomly

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  1. structural homologya movement in the catholic church that stated knowlege of the earth could explain the reason for god. said earth was old as the bible said the great chain of being was created by god and variation was directed by god to carry out his plan


  2. Precision and accuracyindividuals with when compared to other members of individuals have a distinct trait that gives them an advantage in survival or reproduction. a selective disadvantage is a trait which leaves the species at a disadvantage to survive and reproduce.


  3. what is the ultimate source of genetic variationa genetic constraint that prevents an organism from making a change that would improve its fitness because it lacks the prerequisite genes.


  4. hypothesistestable statement of relationships which can be confirmed or falsified a hypothesis driven inquiry is self correcting


  5. codonsthree nucleotide sequence