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  1. Morgan
  2. Reliablity
  3. genetic constraints
  4. Morphospecies concept
  5. cenozoic
  1. a that which when put to the test turns out to be true
  2. b geneticist who worked with fruit flies and rediscovered mendels work. he described mutations and coined the term allele
  3. c groups that can be described as different based on consistent morphological differences
    different appearances often evolve when populations undergo divergence
    the morphological forms will persist only if reproductive isolation is achieved.
    Evolutionary independence is assumed but not known It's easy to apply but very subjective because the species is what the "expert" says. It's hard to use on unicellular organisms because they have no distinguishable features, and evolutionary indepencdence is often difficult to assess.
  4. d means recent life wsa the age of mamals includes first horses primates whales great apes and humans.
  5. e natural selection was not able to optomize all aspects of a trait, due to genetic correlation or lack of genetic variability

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  1. The fact is that life changes over time The theory regards the mechanisms that enable change over time
  2. changes in an individuals phenotypy in response to enviromental conditions
  3. the use of two latin names to refer to a species
  4. phylogenies created by dna sequence similarities
  5. there is no selection mutation migration genetic drift and all individuals choose mates at random

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  1. internal consistancyan average difference between the survival/ reproduction of individuals with certain phenotypes relative to individuals with other phenotypes. only mechanism that can produce adaptation


  2. Qualitative traitscontinuous characters such as height weight usually measured on an interval or ratio scale


  3. Gene Pool(migration)movement of alleles from one population to another via the transport of individuals, or via the transport of gametes by wind. Usually reduces differences between populations


  4. how many kingdoms are in the current classification system6


  5. two types of charactersnot due to inheritance similarity is the result of convergence (parallel evolution) where different organisms adapt for similar functions in similar environments in unrelated Lineage's like birds and bats both have wings.