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  1. transcription
  2. four criteria of theories
  3. four primary mechanisms of evolutionary change
  4. 3 inferences from darwins observations
  5. morphology
  1. a structures that typically had or have a function and the relationship forms an interface between organism and enviroment.
  2. b 1. Natural selection
    2. Mutation
    3. Gene flow(immigration)
    4. Genetic drift(only random change)
  3. c must be tested, must be falsifiable, cannot be proven only confirmed or disconfirmed, must be subject to revision or change.
  4. d the process of DNA becomin RNA
  5. e 1. there is a struggle for existence among members of a population
    2. there are differences in survival and reproduction among individuals in a population.
    3. over time this differential survival and reproduction leads to change in a population appearance of new traits and adaptations.

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  1. tc
  2. opposite in common characteristics to other animals in order to compare to
  3. it decreases it
  4. it can be used to find organisms similar to humans so we can test out pharmacuticals.
  5. changes in the genes or chromosomes of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in previous generations. , water or pollinators. It is the only mechanism that is non-random with respect to fitness;. Only mechanism that can produce new alleles.

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  1. purinesthree nucleotide sequence


  2. what culture developed modern sciencethe observation identification description experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena


  3. Linnaeuscreated binomial nomenclature and organized species into more inclusive units


  4. Darwingeneralizations that describe phenomena


  5. Insertiona group of individuals in the same species living in the same geographic species