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  1. why are mutations such a weak evolutionary force
  2. Huxley
  3. four criteria of theories
  4. overtime do species develop more complex traits due to evolution
  5. Four ways we come to know things
  1. a it takes many generations to take effect
  2. b was avid in placing darwins theory in the context of humans
  3. c authority, belief, logic and science
  4. d no because complex traits are routinely lost and simplified over time as well as more complex ones created.
  5. e must be tested, must be falsifiable, cannot be proven only confirmed or disconfirmed, must be subject to revision or change.

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  1. must be inherited from common ancestor, so the traits are similar due to common ancestry but they often have different function like wings.
  2. larger evolutionary change ( often in morphology) warranting placement of populations in diff genera or high level taxa.
  3. a reduction in the allele frequency because of genetic drift on a small population because of a dramatic reduction of the size of a larger population.
  4. one base deletion result in the deletion of a base causing all the other bases to shift and make their codons code for different amino acids.
  5. the process of DNA becomin RNA

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  1. Fitness trade-offis a compromise between traits based on how those traits preform in the enviroment


  2. what culture developed modern sciencegreek


  3. allelevariant forms of a gene


  4. Law of segregationfirst explained by Mendel, it is when an individual produced gametes, the copies of a gene separate so that each gamete receives only one copy.


  5. nodea point when an ancestral species split into two or more descendant species