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The ways in which people are similar or different from one another is
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Acme Corporation sales associates are generally attractive Caucasian college age men and women. Individuals who work in the stock room unpacking and readying clothing for displays are young, Asian and African American employees. This scenario suggests that Acme may need to examine their recruiting efforts to address __________ diversity in their stores.raceWhich of the following is a research finding about race diversity? According to prior research findings, African Americans are more likely to turnover than their Caucasian counterparts. the sales performance of Hispanics is equal to their Caucasian counterparts. Caucasian Americans are more likely to be absent from work than their African American counterparts. ethnic minorities are more likely to experience a satisfying work environment than their Caucasian counterparts.African Americans are more likely to turnover than their Caucasian counterparts.The Age Discrimination in Employment Actprohibits discrimination against employees age 40 or older.The Americans with Disabilities Actprohibits discrimination in employment against individuals with physical or mental disabilities if these employees are otherwise qualified to do their jobs with or without reasonable accommodation.Which of the following federal laws prohibits discrimination in employment against lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender individuals?There is currently no federal law protecting lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender individuals.Which of the following is an illegal interview question? What was your grade point average at XYZ University? Tell me about a time when you experienced conflict in a past job. What was your salary at your last place of employment? What are your childcare arrangements?What are your childcare arrangements?The values, beliefs, and customs that exist in a society isculture.A culture that values maintaining good relationships, caring for the weak and quality of life isa feminine culture.In cultures high in power distancemanagers are believed to be more powerful and deserving of respect.Companies in cultures high in uncertainty avoidancetend to have written employment contracts for employees.