Kines Exam 2: C/S (me)

what structures make up the upper cervical spine?
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what mvment does the tectorial ligament limit?fwd flexiontransverse ligament decreases integrity with?RA and downsyndromealar ligament tightens with what mvment?flexioncontralat flexionwhat mvment does the alar ligament produce?what movment does the alar ligament limit?b/l rotT/F: IV disc of the cervical and lumbar are the samefalse, differenttrueT/F: Cervical IV disc is thick anteriorlyT/F: Cervical IV disc is not arranged in alternating layerstrueT/F: Posterior lateral nucleus is contained by ALLfalse, PLLlat flexjt of luschka limitsT/F: Cervical IV disc contains uncovertebral jt (joint of luschka)truejt of luschka restricts..posterior translationjt of luschka is known to provide?stabilityjt of luschka strengthens disc in?posterior lateral directionwhat is the purpose of the uncovertebral cleft?incr ROMw/o the uncovertebral cleft what happens?decr flexion, extension, axial rot and lat bendingT/F: Cervical IV disc annulus is stressed w/ flexion/rotfalse, is notT/F: Posterior herniation caused by damafe to PLLtruelower cervical region is oriented at?45 deg from horizontal planejt capsule of the lower cervical region is?laxflexion, occipital *rolls fwd* and *glides post*what mvment does the OA jt doosteokinematic motion for OA jtnodding (yes)ROM of OA jt10-30 degosteokinematic motion of AA jtrot (no)ROM of AA jt45 deg to both sides (55-58% total motion)alar ligament limits _______ b/l and _______ contralatrot, flexioncervical flexionant tilt and glidecervical extensionpost tilt and glidecervical rotcoupled w/ ipsilat lateral *flexion*cervical lat flexioncoupled w/ ipsilat lateral *rot*what limits cervical extension?IV disc and zygapophyseal jtaction of trapeziusextension ipsilat lat flexion contralat rotwhat limits cervical flexion?post ligament btwn spinous processaction of levator scapulaeipsilat flex and rot attaches to cerv spine which *produce post sheer, especially w/ fwd head* incr activity w/ fwd headaction of scalenesfrontal plane stabilizers assist w/ breathing flexion, ipsilat flexion, contral rotaction of longissimus capitis and cervicis*compression* stabilize head frontal plane stabilizersaction of suboccipital musclesoccipital ext *proprioceptive* ipsilat rot/flexion *fine tune motion*action of splenius capitis and cervicisprime mover ext and ipsilat rot NOT active at rest can be source of *headaches*action of SCMipsilat flex contralat rotaction of longus capitis and collicompression of cerv spine *stabilizers, synergy w/ upper trap*if R rot is limited due to restricted UPGLIDE of a facet joint, which direction will the head deviate with fwd flexion?leftif R rot is limited due to restricted DOWNGLIDE of a facet joint, which direction will the head deviate with extension?right