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extended coverage endorsementWCSHAVVERWCSHAVVERwind, civil commotion, smoke, hail, aircraft, vehicles, volcanic eruption, explosion, riotvandalism isnt cover ifit has been vacant for 30 daysconstructive total lossnot worth fixingfarm insurance is aCPPmed pay for farm insurance coversguest onlyaviation insurance is similar to which policyauto policyaviation insurance covershull and damage to aircraftworkers comp coversburial up to $6000 and spouses get 54 months of disability checksinsurance services officeISOISOprovided information about P&C insurance to companiesinception datedate the coverage startspolicies start at 1201AMcustomers timeadjusters may contactall parties involved including witnessesoccurrence datedate of lossadjuster cannot adjust a roofing claim ifthey have a conflict of interest (their own bussiness)roofing contractor cannot act asan adjusteradjuster can adjusttitle insurancecomprehensive personal liability policy (CPL)section II of the HO policy but if sold alone called CPLgarage formcar dealerships-covers tow trucksgaragekeepers formliability for unscheduled vehicle (customers)Tortcivil wrongtortfeasorsperson who causes tortproperty policies coverfirst party insuredliability policies coverthird party insuredintervening causean event that comes between the initial act in a sequence and the end resultcomparative rule with %50 rulethe person most at fault collects nothing;the person only collects the amount the other person is responsible forcompensatory damagespaid the plaintiffspecific damageseasy to identify and pay forgeneral damagespain and sufferingfirst party claimsusually have deduciblethird party claimsusually doesnt have deducibleboat owner policiesprivates boats under 26 feetoutboard motor and boat policieslimited to physical damageyacht policiespleasure boatstrailer coverageACVfederal longshore and harbor workers compcoverages for paid crew membersnavigational limits clausedefine where a boat can golayup warranty clauseboat wont be used for a period of timewater skiing clauseno liability or med pay for people being towed by the boatelectronic data processingEDPEDPcovers loss by virus most will pay $2500 per yearlaw and ordinancecovers cost of rebuilding after loss by new law; pays $10,000bailmenttransfer of possession but not ownership of propertyif a worker is an independent contractor (no moment to moment supervision and control)they arent covered on workers comp