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Cranial vena cava: (vein) deoxygenated blood to right atrium for cranial areas

Caudal vena cava: (vein) deoxygenated blood to right atrium for cadual areas

Coronary arteries: blood to heart muscles

Pulmonary arteries: right ventricle to lungs

Pulmonary veins: oxygenated blood to left atrium

Left & right axillary veins: from forelimbs & shoulders to vena cava

Left & right subclavian veins = from forelimbs & upper body

Left & right subscapular veins = from armpit & dumpt into Brachiocephalic trunk

Left & right external jugular veins = neck region to vena cava

Left & right internal jugular veins = from head, alongside trachea, to heart

Left & right cephalic veins = from each forelimb, most cranial

Left & right maxillary veins = return blood from jaw

Left & right linguofacial veins = return blood from face

Brachiocephalic trunk (artery)= upper region of body

Right subclavian artery = to right forelimb & upper body

Left subclavian artery = to left forelimb & upper body

Left & right common carotids (artery) = to head & brain

Celiac artery = stomach, spleen & pancreas

Cranial mesenteric artery = jejunum, ileum, & colon

Left & right renal veins = collect filtered blood from kidney

Left & right renal arteries = supply kidney

Left & right external iliac arteries = upper thigh of each hindlimb

Left & right external iliac veins = upper thigh of each hindlimb

Umbilical vein = oxygen & nutrient-rich blood to fetus

Umbilical artery = deoxygenated blood from fetus to placenta

Splenic artery = oxygenated blood to spleen