Chemistry Vocabulary Chapter 1

16 terms by AlisonBromley

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the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes


an explanation of how phenomena occur and how data or events are related

significant figure

a value calculated by subtracting the experimental value from the adopted value, diving the difference by the accepted value, and then multiplying y 100


the closeness of measurements to the correct or accepted value of the quality measured


amount of space occupied by an object


ratio of mass to volume or mass divided by volume

conversion factors

ratio derived from the equality between two different units that can be used to convert from one unto to the other


closeness of a set of measurements of the same quantity made in the same way

scientific notation

numbers written in the form M x 10n where the factor M is the number grater than or equal to 1 but less than 10 and n is a whole number

percent error

value calculated by subtracting the experimental value from the accepted value, diving the difference by the accepted value, and then multiplying by 100

directly proportional

two quantities that give a constant value when one is divided by the other

inversely proportional

two quantities that have a constant mathematical product


broad generalization that explains a body of facts or phenomena


testable statement

SI Units

measurement system accepted worldwide

scientific method

logical approach to solving problems by observing and collecting data, formulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and formulating theories that are supported by data

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