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Circumcision care
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-stop mild bleeding by applying pressure with sterile gauze, if bleeding continues notify provider
-examine circumcision site when changing diaper, usually Q4
-wash penis gently with warm water and have petroleum jelly applied to glans
-do not use alcohol wipes until 5-6 days when it heals
-do not attempt to remove yellow exudate from site, part of healing process
-position pt upright in order for anesthetic to flow downward following first dose, if additional pain management is needed place pt supine with head and shoulders elevated and at lateral tilt to increase perfusion to fetus
-obtain baseline BP prior to initiation of anesthetics, continue to monitor BP every 5-10 mins to assess maternal hypotension from anesthesia
-no need NPO
-plan to administer 500-1000mL of LR or NS 15-30min prior to anesthesia to decrease risk for hypotension