12 terms

Mr. Fessels SS Test Chapter 1 World in 1500 9/29/11

key development led to rise of civilizations in Americas
teaching of Islam
what the Muslim traders crossing the Sahara brought from North Africa to West Africa
a required feature of a civilization
organized forms of government and religion, cities that are centers of trade, specialized jobs for different people
method that the Hohokam used to alter their dry environment to make farming possible
how religious practices and art spread through early American cultures
conquered their neighbors
key factor that helped the Aztecs become a strong empire
salt and gold
Ghana became the first West African kingdom to grow rich by controlling the trade of what two things
printing press
what helped spread Renaissance ideas in Europe
results of Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama finding an all-water route to Asia
a)Portugal could trade with Asia without dealing with Muslims or Italians 2) Portugal took control of spice trade 3) Other Europeans began looking for their own water route to Asia
found continents previously unknown to Europe
How did the geographic knowledge Christopher Columbus brought back to spain change European views of the world
The bubonic plague killed about what fraction of the overall population
the group that lost power as a result of the bubonic plague

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