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Unit 3 SS Study Guide gov.

Which gov. is ruled by a single person w/ all the power?
They could vote or elect officials
In most democratic countries what do citizens do?
Absolute Monarchy; citizens elect some officials, and theocracy
How is Saudi Arabia' gov run today?
Parliamentary Democracy; have a symbolic president w/ the prime minster
Describe Israel's gov today
Saudi Arabia
Which nation is an absolute monarchy?
What is the term for a religious controlled gov.?
founded as the Jewish homeland
Why is Israel's gov. influenced by religon?
both claim it is their land and they both say they came first
What is the major reason for the conflicts b/w Israel and Arabs world?
They follow Islam and the Shariah Law found in the Quran; basis of the gov.
How does religon influence the gov. of Saudi Arabia?
absolute monarchy
what kind of gov. gives the king or queen complete control?
In which of the 3 countires we studied do citizens play the greatest role in the deciding who serves as their political leader?
Saud family
Who has ruled Saudi Arabia since 1932?
Saudi Arabia
In which nation of the 3 we studied do citizens have the least amount of power?
Saudi Arabia
Which country of the 3 we studied remains one of the few absolute monarchies in the world today?
Supreme Leader
the most important person in Iran's gov.
theocracy/ men and women have the equal amount to vote
Iran's current gov.
single leader w/ unlimited power
parliamentary and representative democracy, consists of popularly elected officials who enact laws and regulate gov. activity , has independent judicial branch made up of religious and nonreligious courts
gov. based on strict Islamic laws is based on...
gov. allows it's citizens to vote
Central gov. and regional gov. share power
Central have all power; state doesn't
state have all power; central doesn't
US, Iraq, Canada
Federal ex.
Confederation ex.
Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Cuba
Unitary ex.
what type of gov. is controlled by the religious leader or leaders?
In which gov. do citizens elect leaders and rule by majority?
In which gov. is control by a few or small clans?
Dictatorship. Autocracy, Absolute Monarchy
What gov. is ruled by a person w/ absolute, unlimited power?
gov. ruled by a king and queen
parliamentary-prime minister who serves as part of the legislature
Presidential- has president who is not part of the legislature
what is the diff. b/w a parliamentary democracy and a presidential democracy?
Israel has the most citizen participation because the form of gov. is democracy. Democracy is a form of gov. where citizens vote and elect their leaders. Israel gives rights and more say for citizens in this type of gov.
Which country has most participation? Why?