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Medical Terminology

another term for a joint, the point where two bones meet
a saclike connective tissue structure found in some joints, it protects moving parts from friction
cartilaginous joints
a joint that allows slight movement but holds bones firmly in place by a solid piece of cartilage, the public symphysis is an example of a cartilaginous joint
fibrous joints
a joint that has almost no movement because the ends of the bones are joined together by thick fibrous tissue
joint capsule
elastic capsule that encloses synovial joints
synovial fluid
the fluid secreted by a synovial membrane in a synovial joint, it lubricates the joint and reduces friction
synovial joint
a freely moving joint that is lubricated by synovial fluid
synovial membrane
the membrane that lines a synovial joint, it secretes a lubricating fluid called synovial fluid