Which six states have the most electoral votes?
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The Constitution gives the president power to execute the laws passed by Congress, veto bills, call a special session of Congress, serve as commander in chief, receive leaders and other officials of foreign countries, make treaties (with Senate approval), appoint various top government officials (with Senate approval), and pardon people convicted of federal crimes.
Why is the power to pardon given to the president and not to Congress?Pardoning, like carrying out the laws, is an executive function.What role or roles is the president fulfilling when entering into a treaty?Students might identify the president as head of state, chief diplomat, and/or commander in chief.Why is the War Powers Resolution important?The War Powers Resolution limits the president's power to send troops into combat.pardona declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishmentamnestya pardon to a group of peoplereprievean order to delay a person's punishment until a higher court can hear the caseWhat influence does the president have over Congress?The president can call special sessions, veto proposed laws, propose laws to Congress, and influence members to vote for or against bills.How is the president's role as chief diplomat connected with the roles of head of state and commander in chief?In the roles of chief diplomat and head of state, the president interacts with leaders of other countries. As commander in chief, he has the power to use force to support foreign policy if needed.resignedto give up one's office or positionambassadoran official representative of a country's governmentelectorsperson appointed to vote in presidential elections for president or vice presidentGerrymanderan oddly shaped election district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular groupFilibustera tactic for defeating a bill in the Senate by talking until the bill's sponsor withdraws itThree major responsibilities of members of Congress are...making laws, declare war, coin, print and regulate moneyWhat three qualifications must a person have to be a candidate for the House of Representatives?House: Must be at least 25, live in the state, and have been a U.S. citizen for at least 7 years.What three qualifications must a person have to be a candidate for the Senate?Senate: Must be at least 30, live in the state, and have been a U.S. citizen for at least 9 years.A SENATOR represents a state/A Congress person represents adistrict that's based on population, wheres senators represent the state.Cloturea procedure used in the Senate to limit debate on a billpork-barrel projectgovernment project grant that primarily benefits the home district or statecensusa population count taken by the Census Bureau