Ch. 7 Sound and Light

18 terms by dlharmon

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Like heat, ____________ is a form of energy and travels in waves.


All the sounds you hear are made when matter _______________.


Sound waves move in all __________________.


We see objects because light is _________________ from them.


Light is made up of these bundles of energy.


Travels in straight lines and has properties of both particles and waves.


Light _________ travel fastest through empty space and travel faster than anything else.

Visible Spectrum

The band of colors that make up white light.



Plane mirror

a flat and smooth mirror

Concave mirror

a mirror that curves inward

Convex mirror

a mirror that curves outward


the bending of a light wave as it moves through a material

Concave lens

lens on these glasses is for nearsighted people


sound can only be heard when it travels through this


Light is a form of __________ that can be seen.


Light travels ____________ than sound.


Light travels in ___________ lines.

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