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  1. Light is made up of these bundles of energy.
  2. All the sounds you hear are made when matter _______________.
  3. Sound waves move in all __________________.
  4. Like heat, ____________ is a form of energy and travels in waves.
  5. Light _________ travel fastest through empty space and travel faster than anything else.
  6. sound can only be heard when it travels through this

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  1. ReflectedWe see objects because light is _________________ from them.


  2. LightTravels in straight lines and has properties of both particles and waves.


  3. Plane mirrora flat and smooth mirror


  4. Visible SpectrumAll the sounds you hear are made when matter _______________.


  5. StraightLight travels in ___________ lines.


  6. Refractionthe bending of a light wave as it moves through a material