Word Concept Ch. 6


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New Folder
Create a new folder with this button at the Open or Save As dialog box
Address bar
At the open dialog box, the current folder path displays in this
Using the mouse select nonadjacent documents at the open dialog box by holding down this key while clicking the desired documents
Recycle Bin
Documents deleted from the hard drive are automatically sent here
Copy a document to another folder without opening the document at the open or save as dialog box with the organize button drop down list or this menu
Portable Document Format
The letters PDF stand for this
Plain Text (*.txt)
Saving a document in this format strips out all formatting
Arrange All
Click this button in the Window group in the view tab to arrange all open documents so a portion of each document displays
Click this button and the active document fills the editing window
Click this button to reduce the active document to a button on the taskbar
View Side by Side
To display documents side by side click this button in the window group in the view tab
Text from file
Display the Insert File dialog box by clicking the object button arrow in the Insert tab and then clicking this option
Type this in the pagest text box at the print tab backstage view to print pages 3 through 6 of the open document
4, 9
Type this in the pages text box at the print tab backstage view to print pages 4 & 9 of the open document
The envelopes button is located in the create group in this tab
New tab backstage view
Click the sample templates button at this backstage view to display a list of templates