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Ancient Greece and Rome

What are the years for the Ancient Greek and Roman period of literature?
800 B.C.-A.D.200
Why are Greece and Rome called "the classical world"?
They are called "the classical world" because these 2 cultures have influenced the development of Western thought and achievement.
Why are the Greeks and Romans so important to the English language?
Many English words and word parts that we commonly use today came to us from Greek and Latin.
To what can be attributed the achievements of the ancient Greeks? What did they love? Their ability to wonder, to ask the question why?
They had an intense love of intellectualism and rational thought.
Where did Greek civilization begin? What was it called and who was it named after?
began in Crete. It was called the Minoan civilization after the legendary King Minos, who sacrificed 12 men and women each year to feel a ½ man, ½ bull monster called the Minotaur.
What influenced Minoan civilization? What was the difference between these cultures?
The Minoan civilization was directly influenced by the rise of the Mycenaen culture from the Greek mainland. The Mycenaeans were aggressive and enterprising, while the Minoans were peaceful.
What is one of the earliest epics in Western literature?
The Iliad
What was this era called?
The Mycenaen era was known as the Heroic Age. Why was it called this? What expedition had a part in the naming of this era? It was called this because the great figures in the epic were looked on as the ancestors of the Greeks and were held up as models of heroic behavior. The Mycenaeans organized an expedition against the city of Troy in Asia Minor.