Health Midterm (what a ****ing joke)

What are unsaturated fats?
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What are the affects of second hand smoke?Eye irritation, Headaches, Ear infections, coughing, 3,000 people each year with lung cancerWhat is an example of a nicotine substitute?Nicotine Patch, Gum.How old do you ave to be to buy tobacco?19What is stress?is the reaction of the body and mind to everyday challenges and demandsWhat is eustress?Good stressWhat is the livers function regards to alcohol?Alcohol can damage or destroy liver cells. The liver breaks down alcohol so it can be removed from your body. Your liver can become injured or seriously damaged if you drink more alcohol than it can process.How many Americans abuse alcohol?13.8 millionThe main active chemical in marijuana isTHCWhat are the categories of medicinehelps prevent diseases, fights pathogen or anything that causes disease. relieves pain, and helps regulates body's systems.What is substance abuse?Overuse of drug or using drug with alcoholWhat are misuses of prescription medication?Using too much or too littleWhat body systems are effected by alcohol?Digestive, Central Nervous, Circulatory, and EndocrineWhat is distress?The negative consequence of stress.What helps the body begin the fight or flight response?AdrenalineWhat is the relationship between nutrition, quality of life and disease?Good nutrition enhances the quality of your life as well as helping to prevent against diseasesWhat are some influences on nutrition?- Hunger and appetite - Emotions - Your environment - Cultural and ethnic background - Convenience and cost - AdvertisingWhat is a calorie?Units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the bodyNutrientSubstances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energyAll proteins are made up of how many acids?20Saturated FatUsually solid at room temperature. Animal fats and tropical oils, High intake is associated with increased risk of heart disease.What effects the rate of alcohol absorption?Food,Body Weight and Build, GenderWhat is cirrhosis?Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver and poor liver function. It is the final phase of chronic liver disease.What are the alcohol equivalencies?12 oz beer: 5 oz wine: 1.5 oz hard liquorWhat are the long term effects of alcoholism?Brain: addiction, brain damage, loss of brain function. Cardiovascular: Enlarged heart HBP Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Digestive SystemWhat are the steps of the decision making model?1. State the situation 2. List the options 3. Weigh the possible outcomes 4. Consider values 5. Make a decision and act on it 6. Evaluate the decisionWhat is binge drinking?5 or more alcohol beverages consumed in one sittingWhat is the legal driving limit in New Jersey?0.08 percentAre all medicines drugs? Are all drugs medicines?All medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicinesWhat are over the counter medicines?Buy without a prescription FDA considers safe without medical supervisionWhat are prescription medications?Doctor's written instructions, Dispensed by licensed pharmacistHow baby be affect with drugs? hehe- Spontaneously aborted or born with birth defects - Can be born with HIV - May be physically dependent and show withdrawal symptoms at birthWhat is a cure for alcoholism?The goal of treatment for alcoholism is abstinence.