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  1. Cause/Effect
  2. Islam
  3. History
  4. Dynastic Cycle
  5. Hinduism
  1. a Information about earlier times, either written down, or passed from generation to generation orally.
  2. b A collection of religious beliefs that developed slowly over a long period of time. polytheistic religion
  3. c A monotheistic religion that started with the prophet Muhammed, and spread all over the Middle East. God is known as Allah.
  4. d The historical pattern of the rise, decline, and replacement of dynasties.
  5. e The fact that everything that happens will have some kind of event in response.

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  1. An ancient Egyptian writing system in which pictures were used to represent ideas and sounds.
  2. The way people view things, and a predisposed opinion for or against something or someone.
  3. A monotheistic religion that had a prophet, named Moses, who led Jews to the "promise land".
  4. Two rivers flow from the mountains of Turkey, down to Syria and Iraq, and then to the Persian Gulf. These rivers provided the lifeblood that allowed the formation of farming settlements. This pattern would also occur along other rivers in Africa, India, and China.
  5. The features of civilization are advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institiutions, record keeping, and advanced technology.

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  1. ChristianityA monothesistic religion that believes God sent down his only son to Earth to save us all from our sins.


  2. Neolithic RevolutionThe spread of ideas, customs, and technology from one people to another. Occured through migration, trade, and warfare.


  3. MonotheismThe belief in many gods.


  4. TheocracyInformation about earlier times, either written down, or passed from generation to generation orally.


  5. Primary and Secondary SourcesA government in which power is in the hands of a single person.