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A city and its surrounding lands functioning as an independent political unit.


A long narrative poem celebrating the deeds of legendary or traditional heroes.


A fortified hilltop in an Ancient Greek city.

Alexander the Great

A brilliant king who captured many countries, and soon became an unchallenged leader.


A more "educated" city state in Greece, laying to the north of Sparta.


A blind man who composed epics, such as the Iliad and the Odyssey.


An Ancient kingdom north of Greece, whose ruler Phillip II conqured Greece in 338 BC.


An Indo-European people who settled on the Greek mainland around 2000 BC.


The rational investigation of the tyruths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.


A Greek city state, the fundamental political unit of Ancient Greece after about 750 BC.


A military state located in the southern part of Greece and nearly cut off from Greece by the culf of Cornith.


A government ruled by a single person.

Augustus Caesar

Julius Caeser's grand nephew and adopted son who was the first true emperor of Rome. His leadership lead to the Pax Romana.

Julius Caesar

A Roman ruler who was a genius at military strategy and a strong leader. He became absolute ruler until he was killed.

Pax Romana

A period of peace and prosperity throughout the Roman Empire, lasting from 27 BC to 180 AD.


In Ancient Rome, an official elected by the Plebians to protect their rights.


A monotheistic religion, practiced throught the world, dating back to the 4th Century.


Overruling a law or another's descisions.


A leader who had absolute power to make laws and command the army.

Twelve Tables

A list of rules taht were the basis of the Roman legal system.


A Carhaginian general who planned to avenge Carthage's earlier defeat. (Rome vs. Carthage win control of Sicily and the western Mediterranean)


In Ancient Rome, a group of three leaders sharing control of the government.


A pipeline or channel built to carry water to populated areas.


One of the followers of Jesus who preached and spread his teaching.

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