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Presentation software

A computer program you use to organize and present information to others.

Normal view

The primary view that you use to write, edit, and design your presentation.


A wide toolbar like band that runs across the entire powerpoint window


In the office 2007 program,a part of the ribbon that includes groups of buttons for related commands.


A collection of related commands on a tab on the ribbon

outline tab

displays the text of your presentation in the form of an outline.

Slides tab

displays the slides of your presentation as small images


Small images

Slide pane

displays the current slide in your presentation.

Notes pane

Is used to type text that references a slides content.

Quick access toolbar

A small,customizable toolbar at the top of an office program window that contains buttons for commonly used commands such as Saved and Undo.

View shortcut

On the status bar allows you to switch quickly between powerpoint view.

Status bar

Shows messages about what you are doing and seeing in Powerpoint.

Zoom slider

Allows you to zoom the slide in and out quickly.

Text placeholders

boxes with dotted borders where you enter text.

Title placeholder

The top text palceholder on the title slide.

Subtitle placeholder

The bottom text placeholder on the title slide.


Any item on the slide that can be modified.

Insertion point

A blinking vertical line,indicates where your text appears when you type in the placeholder.

Selection box

Appears around the placeholder,indicating that it is selected and ready to text.

Slide layout

Contains object placeholde that are arranged in specific ways on the slide.

Content placeholder

Can be used to insert text or object such as,clip art,table or charts.


A predefined set of colors, fonts, and line and fill effects that can easily be appiled to an office document and give it a consistent professional look.

Theme colors.

Incorporates sets of colors for fill, line,and shadow

Theme fonts

fonts for titles and other text

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