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Women in 1920s

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Women: Big Picture
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Employment - Impact of war = skilled factory work / changing attitudes.
The Vote - 1920 (19th amendment - now had a political voice)
The Car - liberating impact
The Home - consumer boom in household electrical appliances = labour saving = more 'free time'.
Behaviour - esp. amongst younger 'urbanites'.
Divorce rates increased + married couples having fewer children.
Esp. urban areas (less influence of the church)
Middle classes
Jobs in new industries (e.g advertising)
24% increase in female employment (10 million by 1929)
Different attitudes due to the War effort.
Boom = new job opportunities.
Middle classes aspirations for independence.
Increase in divorce rates - women 'needing' employment.
Management jobs dominated by males.
Issues with equality in pay.
Both Democratic + Republican parties could not ignore 'the voice of women' - They needed their votes.
BUT - limited change:
Women were discouraged from running for political office.
By 1928 only 145 women with seats in state governments / Only 2 state governors.
Women represented pacifism, feminism and gender equality - all too 'radical / progressive' for the time!
Research suggests low turn out of women voters even through they had the vote. Women remained 'apolitical'