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Graves Chapter 10 Christianity Official Terms

Saul converts to Paul and preaches to gentiles, Jewish War caused Romans to expel Jews, whose exile colonies became breeding grounds for Christianity
What were the 2 developments spurring Christianity's spread?
It was universal: for rich and poor; provided hope and optimism in a grim world, a spirit of mutuality - people helping each other and called on people's idealism
List four reasons Christianity was appealing.
It was the most popular mystery religion, but unlike them, it was founded by a real person
How was Christianity diferent from other mystery religions?
Edict of Milan
Constantine's proclamation declaring that Christianity would be tolerated throughout the Roman Empire
Theodosius's Decree
this made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
Although his mother was a Christian and he claimed he had won a battle under the sign of the cross, his main motive likely was that he saw Christians would provide political support for his wounded empire
What were Constantine's motives for recognizing Christianity?
Petrine Succession
According to this Christian doctrine, the bishop of Rome had special powers and eventally became head of the Christian Church (the pope)