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  1. British sword
  2. public lands
  3. poor
  4. gambled
  5. Biddle
  1. a Jackson bore a scar on his face from. a(an)..
  2. b Jackson paid off the national debt by selling ___.
  3. c Jackson feuded with and ultimately defeated this head of the Bank of the United States.
  4. d Jackson was a ___ shot with a pistol.
  5. e Jackson often...

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  1. He was Jackson's political rival in the west.
  2. Andrew Jackson was a prisoner-of-war in this conflict.
  3. Jackson's artillery at New Orleans was supplied by...
  4. Jackson's wife was named...
  5. Native Americans massacred settlers, many part Creek, at this place in Alabama.

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  1. smallpoxJackson's older brother died in a British prison camp from...


  2. legislatorJackson's artillery at New Orleans was supplied by...


  3. PakenhamAndrew Jackson appears on this bill.


  4. Red SticksAndrew Jackson commanded the American forces at this battle in the War of 1812.


  5. paper moneyThe commander of British forces at New Orleans was...


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