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  1. gambled
  2. American Revolution
  3. legislator
  4. Washington
  5. twenty
  1. a Jackson found that he did not have the temperament to remain a...
  2. b Andrew Jackson appears on this bill.
  3. c Jackson voted against a resolution thanking this hero because of the Jay Treaty.
  4. d Jackson often...
  5. e Andrew Jackson was a prisoner-of-war in this conflict.

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  1. Jackson's wife was named...
  2. Jackson feuded with and ultimately defeated this head of the Bank of the United States.
  3. Jackson ordered the removal of Native Americans in a death march known as the...
  4. He was Jackson's political rival in the west.
  5. Jackson bore a scar on his face from. a(an)..

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  1. lawyerHe was Jackson's political rival in the west.


  2. PakenhamThe commander of British forces at New Orleans was...


  3. paper moneyAndrew Jackson appears on this bill.


  4. smallpoxJackson's profession


  5. Red Stickshe name of the Native Americans who fought against white settlers and other Native Americans; they were defeated by Andrew Jackon's forces.