BIOL 1308 Chapter 5

During which stage of the cell cycle do the chromosomes duplicate?
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An organism has 8 pairs of chromosomes in each somatic cell. If the sperm and egg did not undergo meiosis, how many chromosomes would be present in a cell that resulted from the fusion of a sperm and egg?32Without considering the variation provided by crossing-over, how much will two siblings from one set of parents vary from each other?Siblings inherit essentially 50% of their genes from each parent, but two sibling offspring may share with each other from zero to 23 chromosomes in common from each parent and therefore vary widely from each other.The only haploid stage in the animal life cycle is the gamete.TrueWhat lines up during metaphase II of meiosis and metaphase of mitosis?Metaphase II of meiosis: individual chromosomes each composed of two sister chromatids Metaphase of mitosis: individual chromosomes each composed of two sister chromatidsWhich of the following is a correct association?G2 stage-the cell synthesizes the proteins needed for cell divisionWhat forms the contractile ring in animal cells?actin filamentsProteins that promote the cell cycle and prevent apoptosis are encoded byproto-oncogenes.If their sperm contain 32 chromosomes, how many chromosomes do diploid cells in horses contain?64In plant cells, what is responsible for organizing the spindle?centrosomesWhich of the following proteins would you expect to be a coded for by a proto-oncogene?a growth factor receptorThe mitotic stage of cell division consists ofmitosis and cytokinesis.Which of the following processes occurs in both mitosis and meiosis?single chromosomes line up along the metaphase plateMitotic division is the normal process of cell reproduction to build and maintain the body of an organism, while meiosis takes place only in the formation of gametes for reproduction.TrueWhich of the following best characterizes apoptosis?Apoptosis plays a normal role in development and cancer prevention.The only function of apoptosis is to destroy healthy cells when they become damaged or infected.FalseGrowth factors that are transported through the blood play what role in the cell cycle?an external signal to tell the cell whether or not to divideDuring mitosis, separation of the sister chromatids ensures that each daughter cell will receive two copies of each type of chromosome.FalseChromosomes are attached to the spindle fibers in order to move to and from the metaphase plate.TrueYou are looking at a cell under the microscope, and see what appears to be several "X" structures being pulled to each side of the cell. What stage of meiosis are you looking at?anaphase IDuring what stage do homologous chromosomes separate from each other?anaphase IList in order the stages of meiosis.interphase - prophase I - metaphase I - anaphase I - telophase I - interkinesis - prophase II - metaphase II - anaphase II - telophase II