what happens if you fail to get continuing education and try to apply
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business interruptiontime element coveragetime element coveragethe amount of loss is measured by the timechanges to a flood policy take how long to take effect30 daysminimal deductible for flood insurance$1000DP1 provides no coverage fortreesDP2&3 provides$500 for a tree and coverage for additional living expenseonly boats cover in dwelling policyrow boat and canoesspecial limit for trailers$1500full coverage for 30 dayson new propertiesloss assessment coveragecovers homeowners portion up to $1000 when HOA is suedwatercraft polices are used forboats used for private recreationwatercraft policies coverliability and property damage; liability extends to rented boatsdeposit premiumadvance or provisional premiumproducts liability premium is based onsalespart II of the employers liability coverscommon law liability for employees injured at workpersonal auto policies and HO med pay coversservices that were rendered within 3 years of the date of the accidentBPP and BOP have a limit of how many years for med pay1 yeartemporary transportation expensesdont start until 24 hours after the loss (48 for theft)C's of performance bondscharacter, capacity, capitaldriver other carDOCDOCcovers personal use of a non-owned vehicle