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The 7 Glands of the Endocrine System

Pineal Gland
Located in the middle of the brain; Produces meletonin -> Controls wake/sleep and seasoning functions
Pituitary Gland
Located in the middle of the brain; Regulates homeostasis -> Regulates the body to "take care of its self" when things change
Located in the neck; Regulates your metabolism and protein absorption. Is also the largest gland in the body.
Located in the chest, behind the sternum; Produces T-Cells (Infection fighting blood cells)
Adrenal Gland
Located right above the kidneys; Regulates the body's stress response
Located in the mid-section of the body; Regulates the digestive and blood sugar.
Located in the ovaries and testicles; Produces eggs and sperm -> Conseption