State Exam Review Cosmetology

The science that deals with healthful living is:
Personal hygiene
The science that deals with the daily maintenance of health by:
Personal hygiene deals with the preservation of the well being
Quality of cosmetology services
The practice of public sanitation is important because it helps to preserve the
Personal hygiene
Public hygiene also is known as
Blood circulation
Exercise helps to stimulate
Soap and water
The body may be kept clean by the regular use of
Body odors can be prevented by regular bathing and use of
Oral hygiene
Maintaining healthy teeth and keeping the breath sweet is known as
Dental care
In order to keep your teeth in a good healthy condition it is necessary to maintain regular
Rinsing with mouth wash
Bad or offensive breath may be treated and minimized by
Rest and relaxation are necessary to prevent
Over-exertion and lack of rest tend to drain the body of its
Human relations
The psychology of getting along with others is called
A well balanced diet
One of the major elements required for good health is
Impure air and food
Factors that may be considered health hazards are
Well groomed
One of the best advertisements of an effectively run beauty salon is a cosmetologist who is
Courage hope and cheerfulness are three mental qualities necessary for good
An important consideration in personal hygiene is
Two emotions that can be injurious to good health are worry and
bad breath
To be successful it is most important to avoid body odor and
Body fatigue
The cosmetologist who practices correct posture will find that it helps to reduce
lower abdomen flat
For a good standing posture keep the head up, chin level with floor, chest up, shoulders relaxed and
knees close together
For a good sitting posture, keep the feet and
On the floor
For a comfortable sitting posture, keep the soles of the feet
The muscles of the body are kept in good condition by
low heeled shoe
In order to give the support and balance and to help maintain good posture, the cosm should wear
wearing the latest fashions
Personal hygiene includes all of the following EXCEPT
towards the back of the chair
To avoid back strain while working sit
The minimizing of fatigue is one of the benefits of maintaining good
good posture
To avoid back strain while giving a shampoo or other beauty service, maintain a