Unit 3: Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules

The Commission's authority to regulate and enforce the license law is which type of power?
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The answer is 24 months. A licensee in good standing who is a member of the U.S. armed forces is exempt from the renewal provisions during active duty and for a period of 24 months after discharge from active duty. The armed forces exemption applies, provided the licensee is not engaged in real estate brokerage activity in the private sector for profit.
How many Florida Real Estate Commission members may be licensed as real estate sales associates?The answer is one. Four members must be licensed as brokers and two members must be consumer members. The seventh member may be either a licensed broker or a sales associate who has held an active license during the two years preceding appointment.A licensed broker is the broker for two independent real estate brokerages. Which statement applies to this situation?The answer is the broker must request and be issued multiple broker licenses—one for each brokerage company. Multiple licenses are issued to brokers who qualify as the broker for more than one business entity. A broker who holds more than one Florida broker license is said to hold multiple licenses.