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Light, heat, chemical and magnetic changes are all produced by:
Material that best transports electricity is a :
Since silver and copper transmit electricity, they are called:
Materials that do not allow electricity to flow through them are called:
Material such as glass, rubber or paper around a conductor that does not allow current to pass through it is called a:
Which of the following materials does NOT allow a current to pass through it ?
An ampere is a unit of electric :
How many milliamperes equal one ampere?
A volt is a unit of electric:
A unit of electrical resistance is called a:
A measure of how much electric energy is being used is known as a :
direct current
A constant electric current flowing in one direction called a :
circuit breaker
Which of the following devices breaks the flow of current when an overload occurs ?
touch the person to ground the circuit
Which of the following steps should NOT be followed to break the circuit when a person comes in contact with an electric current ?
The application of special currents (or modalities) that have a variety of effects on the skin is called?
when performing an electrotherapy procedure, what apparatus or current conductor is used to bring the current from the applicance to the client's skin?
The direct current used in electrotherapy theatment is:
The electrode that is negatively charged during an electrotherapy treatment is known as a :
increase in blood flow
What temporary effect will a negative electrode pole produce when applying Galvanic Current during an electrotherapy treatment?
softens tissues
Which of the following is not a temporary effect of the positive pole of Galvanic Current?
Which electrotherapy treatment can cause sebum to be broken down or blackheads to be liquified, as in deep-pore cleansing?
do not use over an area having broken capillaries
When using Galvanic Current on clients in a salon, what precaution must a salon professional take in order to prevent injury to the client?
muscle contradictions
Faradic Current is used chiefly to cause:
violet ray
Telsa, a high frequency current, is known as the :
High frequency and alternating current are characteristics of which type of electrotherapy ?
High Frequency
An alternating current which can be ajusted to different voltages to produce heat is :
indirect application
If the client is holding the active electrode while the salon professional manually stimulates the area being treated, what method of Telsa Current is being used?
slightly separating the electrode from the skin
Which of the following will produce a mild, stimulating sensation while using High Frequency current ?
light therapy
Treatment with light rays is called:
red rays
Which of the following has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum ?
Which type of light can be broken into its individual wavelengths by a prism?
A salon owner wants to mimic natural sunlight as closely as possible in the salon reception area. Which type of light would most likely be used to accomplish this requirement ?
infrared rays
Pure heat rays are produced by :
increases circulation
Which of the following is a benefit of using infrared light during a facial?
30 inches
The average distance an infrared lamp should be placed during a facial is about :
Which of the following are also know as actinic rays?
small doeses tan the skin
Which of the following benefits is derived from UV light ?
Vitamin D
Small doses of ultraviolet light may help the body produce :
ultraviolet light
Bacteria that causes skin infections can be killed by:
Before using ultraviolet light on a client, the skin or scalp should be :