Unit 1 vocablulary

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herdn) 1. a group of animals, especially those which are kept or stay together; 2. any large group of people or things; (v) to gather together, lead, or move a group of animals or people.influentialadj) having or using power over others, especially in terms of changing the way others think or act; (n) someone who has or uses power over others.legacyn) 1. money or property passed down to others after someone has died; 2. anything handed down or left from the past; 3. those things for which a person will be remembered after they have died, especially someone who made a significant impact on others.officiatev) to carry out the duties or services of a specific office or position, such as a priest, minister, umpire, or referee.paralleladj) 1. going in the same direction, with equal distance between both objects, and never coming together at any given point; 2. being similar, or nearly the same (usually used with the preposition to); (n) 1. a line or plane which extends in the same direction and does not come together at any point; 2. something which is identical, or very similar, to something else in terms of direction or characteristics; (v) 1. to give or show an equal or match for; 2. To be equal or similar to; 3. to make or place in a parallel position.prominentadj) 1. standing out so as to be easily seen; noticeable 2. well known or important.prosperv) to do well or succeed, especially in terms of finances (money).tenuren) 1. a permanent and protected position given to an employee (especially a teacher) following a probationary period; 2. the time during which a position is held; 3. the act of holding something in one's possession.tutelagen) 1. the act of guarding or protecting; 2. the act of teaching or tutoring.versionn) 1. a retelling of an event or description from one person's point of view; 2. something which is somewhat different from another, or the original, form; 3. a translation, especially a work of art or literature.