Genomics Chapter 5

Which of the following could be used to develop a vaccine against a viral infection?
the viral DNA
the surface proteins from the virus
the viral mRNA
all of these
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Transfer of genetic material between bacterial cells by a bridge-like connection (pilus) is termed _______. tanslocation transformation transduction conjugationconjugationA viral genome could be made of a ____. double-stranded DNA single-stranded DNA double-stranded RNA single-stranded RNA all of theseall of theseMetagenomics is the study of genetic material _______. recovered directly from a particular environment collected from several environments derived from a bacterial culture all of theserecovered directly from a particular enviornmentWhich of the following treatments is intended to restore the healthy microbiome in the gut of a patient? chemotherapy antibiotic treatment gene therapy fecal transplantationfecal transplantationA process by which bacterial cells take up naked DNA molecules from their environment is termed __________. transduction translocation conjugation transformationtransformationt is very likely that an mRNA vaccine can be integrated into the genome of a person and change his or her genome. True FalsefalseThe genome of HIV is made of ________. DNA RNArnaThe antibiotic resistance genes are generally located in the plasmid DNA. True FalsetruGenerally speaking, DNA viruses mutate faster than RNA viruses. True FalsefalseWhat is the function of reverse transcriptase? replicate DNA transcribe DNA to RNA replicate RNA transcribe RNA to DNAtranscribe rna to dna