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  1. paper
  2. absences
  3. 10/19
  4. RN, Nursing (year), and websites
  1. a these are not considered professional nursing journals and cannot be used as such
  2. b Philosophy of Nursing Paper Due
  3. c 10/28/11
  4. d no more than 20% of these from the course. 3 classes
  5. e ) be typed in a current version of Microsoft Word that can be opened by the course faculty; (b) be typed in Times New Roman typeface, with 12-point font size; (c) have double-spacing between all lines, including the title page and reference list; (d) have 1-1½ inch margins (top, bottom, right, and left); (e) include a title page and reference page; (f) have headings between sections; and (g) have a running head and page numbers. A hard copy of the paper must be printed on white, 8½ x 11 inch paper, in black ink and have a single staple in the upper left-hand corner; the paper must not be hole-punched or put in a folder

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  1. 1.The student must communicate with the course faculty prior to missing the assignment or examination.
    2. Unexcused, late work will not be accepted and make-up will not be allowed. Work (i.e., assignments and/or final exam) missed due to a documented extenuating circumstance (e.g., student is hospitalized, death in the immediate family) may be allowed to be made up at the discretion of the course faculty.
    3. Make-up examinations for Exams 1 & 2 will not be given in this course. If a student must miss Exam 1 or 2, due to a documented extenuating circumstance, the student may be allowed to have their final exam score count for both the missed exam score and the final exam score (i.e., have the final exam score count for 55%, if exam 1 was missed, or 60%, if exam 2 was missed, of the student's final course grade); however, this will be at the discretion of the course faculty and if allowed would be for a maximum of one examination. Missing the final exam, at the scheduled time, may result in failure of the course or, in a documented extenuating circumstance and at the discretion of the course faculty, may result in an incomplete for the course and the examination being taken at a later date and time scheduled by the course faculty.
  2. cannot be discussed via e-mail or telephone;can and will be posted in the BlackBoard Grade Center for this course
  3. All university communication sent via e-mail will be sent to the
  4. 25%
  5. this is something that the paper does not require

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  1. A minimum final course grade of 75%in order to pass the course this is the grade you must get


  2. Exam 120%


  3. COURSE DESCRIPTIONNursing science foundation using selected concepts and constructs. Emphasis on past and current knowledge in the formulation of nursing as a basic and applied science. Application of epidemiology to nursing practice.


  4. discussion of the student's philosophy of nursing is to include the student's definition of nursing (an existing definition can be used as long as it represents the student's own beliefs about nursing and as long as the student references the definition). The student's definition of nursing must be explicitly stated, in one to two sentences (e.g., My definition of nursing is...),Philosophy of Nursing Paper is over


  5. Philosophy of Nursing PaperDiscussion of Student's Philosophy of Nursing (including
    the student's explicitly stated definition of nursing)