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  1. grading scale
  2. Signing the attendance sheet and/or answering for another student is a form of
  3. 1 week, 24 hours
  4. Exam 1
  1. a 10/28/11
  2. b academic dishonesty
  3. c 90-100 A
    80-89 B
    75-79 C
    63-74 D
    less than 63 F
  4. d 20%
  5. e The student has ___ after the grade for Exam 1 and for Exam 2 is posted
    in BlackBoard (i.e., the BlackBoard Grade Center for this course) and ___after the grade for the Final Exam is posted in BlackBoard to review the exam with the course faculty, on an individual basis and at a scheduled time, and/or to schedule a review of the exam with the course faculty. After these times, the exam will not be reviewed.

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  1. The paper must be posted in
  2. Philosophy of Nursing Paper is over
  3. these are not considered professional nursing journals and cannot be used as such
  4. this is the name of the teacher and her office for intro to professional nursing
  5. All university communication sent via e-mail will be sent to the

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  1. 60% paper) be typed in a current version of Microsoft Word that can be opened by the course faculty; (b) be typed in Times New Roman typeface, with 12-point font size; (c) have double-spacing between all lines, including the title page and reference list; (d) have 1-1½ inch margins (top, bottom, right, and left); (e) include a title page and reference page; (f) have headings between sections; and (g) have a running head and page numbers. A hard copy of the paper must be printed on white, 8½ x 11 inch paper, in black ink and have a single staple in the upper left-hand corner; the paper must not be hole-punched or put in a folder


  2. A minimum final course grade of 75%35%


  3. an abstractthis is something that the paper does not require


  4. Exam 220%


  5. one time prior to midtermThe course faculty will provide students with written information on his/her progress in this course by posting a grade(s) in the BlackBoard Grade Center for this course at least