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Evaluating Step

1. Allows achievement of outcomes
2. directs nurse - patient interactions
3. measures patient outcome achievement
4. identifies factors to achieve outcome
5. modifies the plan of care if necessary

Action Based on Outcome achievement

1. terminate plan of care
2. Modify plan of care
3. Continue plan of care

4 types of outcomes

1. Cognitive - increase in patient's knowledge
2. Psychomotor - patient achievement of new skills
3. Affective - changes in patient values, beliefs, and attitudes
4. Physiologic - using physical assessment skill to collect and compare data

5 classic elements of evaluation

1. identifying evaluative criteria and standards
2. collecting data
3. interpreting and summarizing findings
4. documenting judgement
5. terminating, continuing, or modifying the plan

Evaluative statement

1. decide how well outcome was met (met, partially met, or not met)
2. List patient data or behaviors that support this decisions

Revisions in the plan of care

1. delete or modify the nursing diagnosis
2. make the outcome statement more realistic
3. adjust time criteria in outcome statement
4. change nursing interventions

Questions to ensure a firm commitment to evaluation.

1. what are the patient's outcomes
2. what are nursing's values
3. how can these values be formalized in standards and evaluate criteria
4. what data exist to determine whether criteria are met
5. how can these data best be collected, analyzed, and interpreted
6. to what courses of actions do the findings lead

Determining adequacy of evaluation

1. evaluate patient achievement of desired outcomes
2. review how the process is used
3. revise the plan of care if necessary
4. participate in quality-assurance programs

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