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Central European Monarchs Clash

Chapter 21 Section 3
Name two causes of the thirty years war
the various religions trying to gain followers and Calvinism starting to spread. Bohemian Protestants revolt.
Four Consequences of the war and the Peace of Westphalia
1: Weakened the Hapsburg states of Spain and Austria 2: Strengthened France by giving German territory 3: made German princes independent of Roman Emperor 4: Ended religious wars Europe
5: Introduced a new method of peace.
2 differences between the economies of western and central Europe
Central- serfs never get freedom. Also Mercantalism/Capitalism
Western- Serfs slowly won freedom and became the middle class, also no freedoms.
Name two reasons why central European empires were weak
30 years war-> no absolute rulers
Weak German States
Ottoman Empire Declined
Note 3 steps the Hapsburgs took to become more powerful
1- army and centralized gov't
2- Austria conquers Bohemia-> spreads catholocism
3- Retook Hungary
Name three steps the Hohenzollerns took to build up their state
1 frederick william created standing army->Junkers noble class
2 Permenant Taxation
3. Frederick the Great- religious toleration
Balance of Power in Europe
Austria, Prussia, France, England, and Russia.
Fought over control of German States
Prussia vs Austria
For overseas Empire
Britain vs France
War of Austrian Succession
Border dispute between Prussia and Austria
GB and Austria VS France and Prussia.
Prussia gains territory and becomes major power.
Seven YEars War
Austria, France, Russia vs GB and prussia, true world war no territorial changes.