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Test 3 Nursing 253

What are the two types of hypertensive crisis's?
- Hypertensive Urgency
- Hypertensive Emergency
How long does it take for a hypertensive emergency to develope?
- it can take hrs to days
How long does it take for a hypertensive urgency to develope?
- it can take days to weeks
Which type of hypertensive crisis is the worst?
- Hypertensive emergency
At what point should you do a neuro check when your patient is in a hypertensive crisis?
- 220/140
What is our goal for our patient when they are having a hypertensive crisis?
- get their B/P down ( not too fast) so CNS symptoms don't develope
What are some signs that your patient is experiencing a hypertensive emergency?
- any altered CNS function
- slurred speech
- numbness or tingling in the arm
What are some manifestations we want to prevent from happening during a hypertensive crisis?
- Seizures
- Confusion
- Coma
- Cerebral edema (fatal)
- Renal failure
- MI leading to CAD
- Aortic dissection
What is the formula for MAP?
- SBP+(2)DBP divided by three
What do we want the MAP reading to be?
- we want it above 60