PSYC-2314 exam 1 chapters 1 and 4

Using someone else's ideas without giving credit is an example of ___
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If you take away a toy from a child age 0-2, they will not look for it. That is because they still do not have ___________________ (term).object permanenceWhen your child unintentionally gets in front of your tv as you are watching it, it is because they are _____ (term) and cannot understand from your point of view that they are blocking you.egocentricDuring this stage, children begin to pretend play and to use symbols to represent things:preoperationalChildren do not always develop the abilities talked about in this program within certain age brackets.TrueDuring the formal operational stage children begin to reason about mathematics:FalseDuring this stage children can reason about abstract concepts and think about consequences of potential actions.formal operationalPiaget believed that sophisticated moral reasoning occurs during the concrete operational stage.FalseIn general, children progress cognitively in a predictable way.TrueHope is the virtue at this v mistrustFidelity is the virtue at this stage.identity v role confusionA negative outcome of this stage is isolation and depression or loneliness.intimacy v isolationDuring this stage, children ask many questions.initiative v guiltLove is the virtue at this stage.intimacy v isolationPlay is central to this stage.initiative v guiltGuilt is always a bad thing for development.FalseWanting to belong is critical at this stage.identity v role confusionSuccess in this stage will lead to wisdom.integrity v despairAccording to Erik Erikson, personality development ends at childhood.FalseIn the twentieth century:life expectancy has increased by 30 years.According to Baltes (1987), the life-span perspective has the following characteristics, EXCEPT being:unidirectional.Many older persons become wiser with age, yet perform more poorly on cognitive speed tests. This supports the life-span perspective notion that development is:multidirectionalThe onset of puberty is an example of:normative age-graded influences.The AIDS epidemic in the United States would be an example of a:normative history-graded influence.Which of the following would involve a cognitive process?putting together a two-word sentenceA ten-year-old child is most likely in which stage of cognitive development.concrete operationalWhat is true concerning the biological, cognitive, and socioemotional processes?They are intricately interwoven.Erik Erikson's theory emphasized:developmental change throughout the human life span.Emotion is a mixture of:physiological arousal and overt behavior._________ represent the first language used by infants and parents.EmotionsLinda and Mark monitor their children's emotions, see the children's negative emotions as teaching opportunities, help their children label emotions, and coach them in dealing with emotions. Linda and Mark are __________ parents.emotion-coaching____________ influences temperament, but the degree of influence depends on .Heredity/environmental experiencesAccording to Thomas and Chess, children who have a(n) __________ temperament at 3 to 5 years of age were ________ to be well-adjusted as young adults.easy/likelyHow flexible your thinking, adaptability, and outlook are. The type of attitude you have. These are all characteristics of what specific type of aging?psychological agingAccording to Piaget, children actively construct their understanding of the world.True