MLA Multiple Choice Quiz #1


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What is unique about quotations?
they must be a word-word copy of the original source
When does a quotation not use quotation marks?
when it is a long quotation
A period appears before the internal citation...
only during long quotations
Which four pieces are included in the header?
your name, teacher's name, class name, date
End punctuation is always placed__ then internal citation
How many spaces should separate each line of the header, the header from the title, the title from the first paragraph, and each paragraph
2 spaces
What is unique about paraphrasing?
they have all of the facts in your own words
The title of the essay (and Works Cited) are formatted how?
the same as the essay's text
What comes first in a works cited entry for a text that was distributed anonymously?
the title of the text
A short quotation is fewer than how many lines in length
MLA format is always formatted how
Which of these is a correct MLA date
6 November 2014
Which is the most effective method of determining whether something is considered common knowledge
look for the information in at least five credible sources
How does an author identify a quote within a quote
by alternating single and double quotation marks as the transfer occurs
Which of the following is most likely to need credit to avoid plagiarism
Which of the following book titles is capitalized appropriately
A Farewell to Arms
Which is the shortest method of using information
What are the margins for an MLA essay
1" all around
Which best describes the information on the top right of an MLA page
Author last name followed by one space, then the page number