Ch. 12 Vocab US Part 2

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Conference CommitteeA special joint committee appointed to reconcile differences when bills pass the two chambers of Congress in different formsSeniority SystemA custom follwed in both chambers of Congress specifying that members with longer terms of continuous service will be given preference when committee chairpersons and holders of other significant posts are selectedSafe SeatA district that returns the legislator with 55 percent of the vote or moreSpeaker of the HouseThe presiding officer in the House of Representatives.Majority Leader of the HouseA legislative position held by an important party member in teh House of RepresentativesMinority Leader of the Housethe party leader elected by the minority party in the housePresident Pro Temporethe temporary presiding officer of the Senate int he absence of the vice presidentMajority Floor LeaderTeh chief spokesperson of the majority party in the Senate, who directs the legislative program and party strategyConservative CoalitionAn alliance of Republicans and southern Democrats that can form in the House of the Senate to oppose libveral legislation and support conservative legislationExecutive Budgetthe budget prepared and submitted by the president to congressFiscal Yearthe twelve month period that is used for bookkeeping or acounting, purposesSpring ReviewThe time every year when the Office of Management and Budget requires federal agencies to review their programs, activities, and goals and submit their requests for funding for the next fiscal yearFall reviewthe time every year when, after recieving formal federal agency requests for funding for the next fiscal year, the Office of management and Budget reviews the requests, makes changes, and submits its recommendations to the presidentFirst Budget ResolutionA resolution passed by congress in May that sets overall revenue and spending goals for the following yearSecond Budget Resolutiona resolution passed by Congress in September that sets "binding" limits on taxes and spending for the next fiscal year beginning October 1Continuing ResolutionA temporary law that Congress passes when an appropriations bill has not been decided by the beginning of the new fiscal year on October 1