Social Media

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SharesThe number of times any user's piece of content has been re-posted on social media.ClickbaitSensational headlines designed to tempt users to click on content.CrowdsourcingUsing a large group of people to generate ideas, services, or content via a social media platform.Direct Message (DM)A private message sent directly to a user's inbox.FeedTerm for the stream of content you see from other users that functions as a homepage and is the most common way to see people's posts and engage with them.FollowerA user on social media who has subscribed to see your posts in their feed.MemeA funny pieces of text, videos, or images that go viral and let users get in on the joke by creating their own variations and sharing them.ViralA term describing content that spreads fast and on a wide scale.TagUsing a persons name to link to content that may be related or of interest to them.BlockA security setting that allows you keep someone from seeing your profile, add you as a friend, or message you.NewsfeedShows the top posts among your friends and pages.Social MediaWebsites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networkingRed FlagWhen something happens on digital media that makes you feel uncomfortable, worried, sad, or anxious.OversharingSharing personal feelings, information, or experiences that later make someone feel uncomfortable or regretful.AlgorithmA set of rules social media sites use to determine which information you will see. It is based on the likelihood that you will want to see it and interact with it.MobbingWhen a group of individuals is mobilized to a specific location such as a park, store or house. Mobbing is a way for crews to promote their image by projecting their strength, size, toughness and power, and a means to intimidate others.