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All the following are components of the image intensifier except
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What is the device that directs the light emitted from the image intensifier to various viewing an imaging apparatusBeam splitterWhich of the following formulas with the radiographer use to determine the total number of heat units produced with a given exposure using three phase 6 pulse equipmentMa x time x kV x 1.4The device used to change alternating current to unidirectional current issolid state diodeWhich of the following causes pitting, or many small surfaces melt, of the anodes focal trackRepeated, frequent overloadingDesign characteristics of x-ray tube targets that determine heat capacity include 1-The rotation of the anode 2- The diameter of the anode 3- The size of the focal spot1 rotation of the anode -- CHECK THESE but i think they're correct 2 diameter of the anode 3 size of the focal spotA technique chart accompanies each AEC X-ray unit and should contain which of the following information for each type of examination 1-photocells used 2-optimum kilovoltage 3-Back up time1,2,3Which of the following is tested as part of the quality assurance program 1 beam alignment 2 reproducibility 3 Linearity1,2,3The line focus principle expresses the relationship betweenthe actual focal spot and the effective focal spotTo maintain image clarity in an image-intensifier system, the path of electron flow from the photocathode to the output phosphor is controlled byelectrostatic lensesThe AEC device operates on which of the following principles? 1. Delivery of the required exposure time 2. A parallel-plate ionization chamber charged by x-ray photons 3. Motion of magnetic fields inducing current in a conductor1/2The portion of the remnant x-ray beam representing anatomical details having desirable quality is referred to assignalDeposition of vaporized tungsten on the inner surface of the x-ray tube window 1- Acts as an additional filtration 2-Results in increased tube output 3-Results in anode pitting1Patient factors such as size and pathology can have an impact on 1 receptor exposure 2 spatial resolution 3Distortion1,2,3The regular measurement and evaluation of radiographic equipment components and their performance is most accurately termed asquality controlThe filtering affect of the xray tubes glass envelope and it's oil coolant or referred to collectively asInherent filtrationWhich of the following terms is used to describe unsharp edges of tiny radiographic detailsblurDelivery of large exposures to a cold anode or the use of exposures exceeding tube limitation can result in 1. increased tube output. 2. cracking of the anode. 3. rotor bearing damage. (A) 1 only (B) 1 and 2 only (C) 2 and 3 only (D) 1, 2, and 32 and 3 onlyDesirable conditions for viewing digital images include 1. increased ambient light 2. reduced monitor glare 3. well lit area2 and 3 onlyWhich of the following will most likely produce the highest quality radiographic imageHigh SNRThe number of details visibly represented on the digital image is increased by 1. increased dynamic range 2. longer grayscale 3. increased bit depth1, 2, and 3X-ray circuit number threeAuto transformerX-ray circuit number sixFour diode rectification circuitX-ray circuit number fiveHigh voltage step up transformerX-ray circuit number 10Rotor and staterX-ray circuit number eightFilament step down transformerX-ray circuit number oneMain breakerWhich of the following Is not one of the three basic subatomic particles in an atom can be divided intoNegatronWhich of the following statements about binding energies is trueThe greater the number of protons in an atom the greater the binding energyWhich of the following from permit the calculation of time necessary for the x-ray tube to cool enough for additional exposures to be madeAnode cooling chartWhich of the following is not a part of the analytical process of image evaluationGroup thinkUsing slower film/screen speed combinations will result in greater resolution, but will increase what?Patient doseHow often should CR Image receptor plates be racist if they are not used every dayDailyWhich of the following is not a property of X-raysCan be focused by a lensThe geometric unsharpness around the periphery of an image is calledPenumbraIn terms of digital imaging, recorded detail is determined primarily by what?WindowingWhat is the primary controlling factor in determining density/IR exposure with a direct relationshipMasWhich of the following statements is not correct about electronsElectrons are considered to have a relatively high mass compared to a protonWhich of the following statements regarding x-ray production is not correctMajority of the total kinetic energy of target interactions produce x-raysWhich of the following exposure factors will result in the highest patient dose60 KVp and 64 MASDue to the diverging x-ray beam, distortion will be greatestFurthest from the central rayIs the degree of geometric sharpness or accuracy of the structural lines actually recorded in the imageRecorded detailThe anode assembly consist of all the following exceptFilamentdistance indicators on tube supports must be accurate to what percentage for overhead read outs10What aspect of a quality assurance program monitors technical equipment to maintain quality standardsQuality controlIn what type of interaction does a high energy photons start the nucleus which absorbs all of its energyPhotodisintegrationAccording to the anode heal effect, radiation intensity is great on which side of the x-ray tubeCathodeWhich of the following statements about photoelectric absorption or not correctGo to electric absorption occurs between very low energy photons and matterDestructive conditions have what type of relationship with the amount of image receptor exposureDirectHIPAA establish national standards for all of these exceptEmployee rights to unionizeAll of the following are potential causes of histogram errors exceptCenter in the park to the center of the image receptor