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with good graceswillingly, gladlyunilaterallyPerformed in a one-sided mannerwith bad graceunwillingly, reluctantlymingle withassociate with, mix with, consort within need of assistanceneeding helpimplementTo put into action; executemanualdone by handcontribute toto help to cause an event or situation, to add toact asfunction as or act likethe shopwalkerhead of the shop/ departmentwork towards sth.try hard to achieve somethingretail salesthe sales of durable and nondurable goods bought by consumers, maloobchodwholesaleBuying or selling something in large quantities at lower priceswholesalera firm engaged primarily in wholesaling activitiesretailerAn intermediary who sells to consumersyouth hostela cheap form of accommodationtutora private teacher, tutor, helperI´m with youI agreetediouslong and tiresome, boringmake a contribution toto contributemixed feelingconfusion and have different point of view at the same timeshiverto shake because of cold or fearin depth discussionvery thorough and detailed talk of smthfit in withbe part of a group or planbe keen on sthbe interested in sthgeneral publiceveryone - široká veřejnostTo prove sbd wrongdokazát, že neměli pravduaviationthe art of operating aircraftsatisfyingmaking you feel pleased by providing what you need or wantdemoralizingdiscouragingbe dying to gobe eager to goenter a competitionto take part in a competitionhigh expectationis critical that teachers have high yet attainable expectations for students to encourage them to excel academically and to develop their intellectual gifts and potentials.envious ofjealous oftake up a hobbystart a hobbysmthg paid offvyplatit seenthusiastic aboutvery interested in something or excited by itbe hooked onto be addicted to something, otake toto like something/someone

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