Intro to computer technology exam 2

A document___ is a specific design with coordinating colors, fonts, and special affects such as shadows and reflections.
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creating a lower-level paragraphdemotingA selected graphic appears surrounded by a selection rectangle, which has small squares and circles, called ____, at each corner and middle location.sizing handlesA point is ___ in height1/72 of an inchPowerPoint assumes every new slide has a ___titleCollection of slides in a presentationdeckText that has a slanted appearanceItaliczedAs you create slides, miniature views of the individual slides are displayed in the ____ pane.ThumbnailAfter you have created at least two slides, a ____ will appear on the right edge of the window.scroll barThe default view isnormala slide that consists of more than one level of bulleted textMultilevel Bulleted ListYou can type and format text in the ____ pane as you work in Normal view and then print this information.notesUsed to move background from the slide borders by percentageoffsetsThe WordArt ____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.outlineTo apply the same formatting to multiple words, phrases, or paragraphs, ____ the Format Painter button and then select each item you want to format.double clickEffects include all of the following EXCEPT____.BordersTo make a background appear on all slides in the presentation, click the Apply to ____ button.AllThe Transparency slider indicates the amount of opaqueness. The default setting is ____, which is fully opaque.0A ____ in the Spell Check icon indicates the entered text contains no spelling errors.check markIf you want to move a shape to a precise location on the slide, with the shape selected, press the arrow keys or the ____+arrow keys to move the shape to the desired location.CtrlPowerPoint provides more than ____ picture styles that enable you easily to change a picture's look to a more visually appealing style, including a variety of shapes, angles, borders, and reflections.25Each ____ has several options, providing you with more control over the exact look of the image.effectIf you apply a format and then immediately decide to remove this effect, click the ____ button on the Quick Access Toolbar.undoTo copy a shape, select the shape and then tap or click the Copy button (HOME tab | ____ group).ClipboardTap or click the up or down arrows in the Transparency box to move the slider in ____-percent increments.oneA ____ is a named group of formatting characteristics.StyleHolding down the ____ key selects only the slides you tap or click, whereas holding the SHIFT key selects consecutive slides between the first and last selected slides.CtrlYou can add a ____, such as shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, and 3-D rotations, to help add emphasis or depth to the WordArt characters. Select one:effectA gallery of decorative effects allows you to type new text or convert existing text to ____. You then can add elements such as fills, outlines, and effects.WordArtTap or click the ____ button (HOME tab | Drawing group) to display the Shapes gallery.Shapes moreOnce you add a fill, you can adjust its appearance. For example, you can adjust its ____, which allows you to see through the background, so that any text on the slide is visible.size