MHE3- pt. 3

not all crimes involve physical ________________ and injury; however all crimes involve emotional violation. Most individuals that survive this are left with permanent physical and emotional scars. This affects people of all ages.
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the final state of recovery from violence and trauma. Can last from months to years. If recovery doesn't occur during this stage, it often leads to PTSDreorganizationintense sexual urges focused on abnormal sexual activities or preferencesparaphilia disorderfeelings of incongruence between one's biological sex and one's gender identifygender dsyphoriarecurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving sexual activity with a minorpedophillic disordertrue or false abuse victims are most open to help after they have recovered from a serious batteryfalsetrue or false physical issues are taken care of up front following an incidence of violence/trauma; however, mental issues can be short and long-termtruetrue or false women have a more difficult time than men when dealing with their emotions that go along with an incidence of violencefalse- mentrue or false the impact stage of recovery lasts months to yearsfalse- minutes to daystrue or false while tending to a patient who has been a victim of violence and trauma, it's of utmost importance for the nurse to build a sense of trust and create a sense of safetytruetrue or false if a survivor refuses counseling resources, the nurse should refrain from making referrals to the client due to the risk of causing confusionfalsetrue or false adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse typically enters counseling for that exact issuefalsetrue or false a parent has abused their child physically, you have spoken with her, and she agrees to not do it again, you don't have to report the issuefalsewomen often take ___________ for an abusive husbandblamefirst sign of abuse often include a complaint of ___________ symptoms, look for bruises or signs of ___________ during assessmentsomatic, injuriesdirectly ask patient if they are being _____________abusedif patient is suspected to have been abused interview them ___________, with sensitivity, _________ and compassionprivately, empathyif the patient lives with the person who cares for them and the caregiver often doesn't get a break you can suspect _______________caregiver abuseconvey _______________, care and ____________ for person that has been abused by a partneracceptance, supportEMDR helps patient to process and integrate ____________ memories and to bring the __________________ into the _______________traumatic, unconscious, consciouspriority during impact stage of recovery 1. need for ___________ and __________ security 2. give simple _______________ and avoid _____________ 3. provide phone number for __________ intervention 4. DO NOT _____________ the clientphysical, emotional, directions, accusations, crisis, pressureduring a crisis situation the nurse should not encourage _____________ thinkingindependentsigns and symptoms of someone using heroin 1. ____________ home responsibilities 2. skipping ____________ 3. engaging in ______________ behavior 4. stopping personal _____________ 5. wearing ________ ____________ during warm weather 6. dry __________, change in __________, flushed _________, increased ____________, slowed _____________, itching, nausea, drowsiness, constricted pupilsneglecting, school, secretive, hygiene, long sleeves, mouth, speech, skin, sleeping, breathingwhat is the central theme of those that perpetrate others (rape, violence etc)they need to be in controlritual abuse 1. impact is ________ to __________ 2. wax and wane symptoms ( have _________ and _________ moments) 3. shock, ___________, and confusiondays, minutes, good, bad, denialif patient is experiencing ritual abuse nurse should ensure ___________ intervention, acknowledge ______________, ensure physical ____________ and emotional _____________crisis, fears, safety, securityritual abuse recoil: unable to ____________ due to emotional stress, fear, anger, sadnessadaptritual abuse reorganization: _________, depression, and suicidal ideation ritual abuse victims are often in this stage for a ____________ period of time. _____________ are likely to occurphobias, prolonged, relapsesif patient is experiencing ritual abuse nurse should convey ____________, support, confidentiality, __________ informed care, referral for physical reconstructacceptance, traumarape impact: __________, silence, delayed _____________denial, reactionsrape recoil: fear and ___________, difficulty with _____________mistrust, intimacyrape victims with need ________ term counseling and rape supportshortrape reorganization: ptsd, ______________, depression, substance ____________anxiety, abuserape victims will need ___________ temporarily, ______________ at bedtime, and self help groups.benzos, antidepressantsrape victims will need empathy, support and __________ term counselinglongtrazodone is given for _______________ disturbancessleepbenzos and clonidine are given temporarily for ____________ and _____________anxiety, sedationrisperidone and abilify are ______________ given to regulate ____________, ___________, and ___________antipsychotics, thinking, mood, perceptiontopamax is an ________________ given for _____________, ______________, and ______________anticonvulsant, nightmares, flashbacks, agitation