CT Basic Module 2

Most modern CT scanner tables are made of:

a. carbon fiber
b. aluminum
c. copper
d. plastic resin
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The actual area of interest scanned by the CT scanner is the: a. scan field of view b. display field of view c. matrix d. region of interesta. scan field of viewA(n) _____ image looks similar to a plain-film radiograph and is used to set the scan box a. volumetric b. scout c. misregistered d. annotatedb. scoutThe CT number for water is approximately: a. -1000 b. 0 c. +1000 d. +3000b. 0The window width adjustment influences: a. resolution b. patient dose c. blurring d. contrastd. contrastWhich CT computer component is responsible for applying algorithms to the attenuation data to produce the final CT image? a. archiving system b. array processor c. analog-to-digital converter d. sample/hold unitb. array processorWhich of the following is an information collection device in the data acquisition system used in digital imaging? a. analog-to-digital converter b. picture archiving and communication system c. detector d. algorithmc. detectorPixel size can be determined by dividing the field of view by the: a. matrix size b. voxel size c. scan time d. number of detectorsa matrix sizeWhich of the following are typical matrix sizes in CT? 1. 240 X 780 2. 512 x 512 3. 1024 X 1024 a. 1 and 2 b. 1 and 3 c. 2 and 3 d. 1, 2, and 3c. 2 and 3Which type of voxel is equal on all sides (i.e., a perfect cube)? a. isotropic b. anisotropic c. multiplanar d. aliaseda. isotropic