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Bells palsy
- Lyme: EIA, then western blot
- Prednisone 60mg x5 days, then taper
- Eye drops, tape eye shut at night
- Valacyclovir: 500mg TID x5 days

- Mild: Tretinoin topical daily >12yo
--- w/ inflammation: add erythromycin 2% topical BID
- Moderate: Tretinoin topical daily >12yo
--- w/ inflammation: add doxycycline 50-100mg PO BID x2-3 mo, f/b 50mg daily x1-2 months

- Face: 5-7 days
- Scalp: 10 days
- Neck: 7 days

- CM: can involve nasolabial folds
- Metronidazole topical 1% BID.
-- Adjunct: benzoyl peroxide 5-10% 1-2/day

VZV "Chickenpox"
- CM: widespread vesicular pruritic rash
- Stay away from pregnant, immunocompromised, and neonates
- Hydration + Tylenol + PO & topical Benadryl

Atopic dermatitis
- CM: · pruritic, scaley lesions on the cheeks, forehead (Kids <4)
- Emollients + hydrocortisone topical (if emollient is not sufficient)

- CM: · well-demarcated erythematous plaques w/ silvery scales on the scalp (rarely occurs in children)

Seborrheic dermatitis
- CM: · typically presents in infants as cradle cap, adherent, greasy scales with erythematous patches. Adults- can involve nasolabial folds
- Cradle cap: olive oil BID
- Adults/kids: Selenium sulfide 1% twice weekly for 2-4 weeks

- CM: · Heliotrope rash- violaceous periorbital rash in the upper eyelid

Parvovirus B19 "Erythema infectiosum"
- CM: · viral prodrome f/b slapped cheek appearance 2-5 days later

- CM: butterfly rash in a malar distribution that occurs after sun exposure