beowulf vocab

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Wyrdnorse god of fate(Oedipus believed in fate, JC believed in fate, Beowolf wrestled with his fate)Liegemastor/lord of a propertyKinsmanrelativeFeudalsystem of society where there is a king and workers who give everything they have to the king and he supports themHilthandle of swordMeadfermented honey (alcoholic drink)Moorgeographic areas that is just open hilly, landBarrowburial moundLindentype of tree they used to build their ships/boatsSentinelsoldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watchSinewstendons(things that hold your bones together)Hoarygray or white with either age or frostPyreraised platform that a body is burned on for ritual purposesHoardstock of valuable materialsScruplesfeeling of doubt about the morality(right or wrong) of something