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verb - to accept the conclusions or arrangements of others; to accede; to give consent by keeping silent. (The president said that we will never acquiesce to the demands of the terrorists.)


adjective - high-sounding; marked by use of language without much real meaning. (The citizens failed to be aroused by their mayor's bombastic speech.)


verb - to surrender; to cease resisting. (Colonel Leeds was adamant in his decision not to capitulate under any terms.)


verb - to let air out of; to reduce in size or importance. (The boss's criticism deflated John's ego.)


adjective - extraordinarily bad. (An egregious bookkeeping error cost our company $1,000,000.)


adjective - spasmodic; intermittent. (Monte's fitful sleep tended to exacerbate his normal irritability.)


adjective - freely given; unnecessary; uncalled-for. (Hillary's gratuitous suggestion was rejected by the other guests who blithely ignored it.)


noun - organization by rank, class, or grade. (In the company's hierarchy, I'm the low man on the totem pole.)


adjective - fair; just; showing no favoritism. (An impartial attorney was asked to serve as a judge in the dispute.)


noun - state or feeling of being tired and listless; weariness. (Lassitude comes from a feeling of hopelessness.)


adjective - very careful about details; fussy. (Sidney was meticulous about his clothing but quite sloppy about his room.)


noun - one who takes advantage of any opportunity without regard for moral principles. (The opportunist is so anxious to get ahead that he is ready to ignore the needs, feelings, and welfare of his fellow man.)


noun - on who strongly supports a party or cause; characteristic of a guerilla fighter. (A partisan of the animal rights cause, John believes all use of animals for testing should be banned.)


adjective - idealistic and utterly impractical. (It is quixotic to think that we can ignore the environmental consequences of pollution.)


verb - to tear down completely; to destroy. (The corporation voted to raze the decaying structure and replace it with a modern skyscraper.)

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