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herd(n) 1. a group of animals, especially those which are kept or stay together; 2. any large group of people or things; (v) to gather together, lead, or move a group of animals or people.influential(adj) having or using power over others, especially in terms of changing the way others think or act; (n) someone who has or uses power over others.legacy(n) 1. money or property passed down to others after someone has died; 2. anything handed down or left from the past; 3. those things for which a person will be remembered after they have died, especially someone who made a significant impact on others.officiate(v) to carry out the duties or services of a specific office or position, such as a priest, minister, umpire, or referee.parallel(adj) 1. going in the same direction, with equal distance between both objects, and never coming together at any given point; 2. being similar, or nearly the same (usually used with the preposition to); (n) 1. a line or plane which extends in the same direction and does not come together at any point; 2. something which is identical, or very similar, to something else in terms of direction or characteristics; (v) 1. to give or show an equal or match for; 2. To be equal or similar to; 3. to make or place in a parallel position.prominent(adj) 1. standing out so as to be easily seen; noticeable 2. well known or important.prosper(v) to do well or succeed, especially in terms of finances (money).tenure(n) 1. a permanent and protected position given to an employee (especially a teacher) following a probationary period; 2. the time during which a position is held; 3. the act of holding something in one's possession.tutelage(n) 1. the act of guarding or protecting; 2. the act of teaching or tutoring.version(n) 1. a retelling of an event or description from one person's point of view; 2. something which is somewhat different from another, or the original, form; 3. a translation, especially a work of art or literature.abominate(v) to hate or strongly dislike.abreast(adv) 1. side by side; 2. up to date; knowledgeable about current topics; aware.acquaintance(n) 1. a person someone knows but would not consider a close friend; 2. personal knowledge about someone or something.admirable(adj) 1. deserving, or thought of, with great approval or pleasure; 2. excellent, extremely good.affectionately(adv) with love or tenderness.bauble(n) 1. cheap flashy jewelry or accessory.boom(v) 1. to make a deep, echoing sound; 2. to grow or prosper, especially in business; (n) 1. a deep, echoing sound; 2. a sudden increase; a gain in popularity; 3. a period of significant economic growth; 4. a pole holding a microphone over a set or stage; 5. a horizontal beam projecting out from a crane or similar mechanism; 6. many of the long poles used in the construction or operation of boats and aircraft.calculable(adj) 1. capable of being determined or estimated; relied on, counted on; dependable.castigate(v) 1. to strongly criticize or express disapproval; 2. to punish severely, especially to correct.develop(v) 1. to make or become larger, better, or more advanced; to grow or evolve; 2. to come into being, especially gradually, over time; 3. to make visible or clear.engage(v) 1. to attract and hold one's attention or interest; 2. to pledge or promise to marry; 3. to hire for work, help, or services; 4. to enter into battle or conflict; 5. to join, interlock, or attach; 6. to be involved in; to participate in.foundation(n) 1. the support, basis, or groundwork of anything; 2. an organization which is supported by the financial contributions of others; 3. face makeup.malady(n) 1. any disease, illness, or impairment of the body; 2. any unhealthy or undesirable condition.maltreat(v) to treat in a bad, cruel, or rough way; abuse.mediate(v) 1. to act between two or more individuals or groups to help them reach an agreement or settle an argument; 2. to be in the middle of, or form a connection between; (adj) 1. being in a middle place or position.murky(adj) 1. dark, dim, gloomy; 2. cloudy, difficult to see through, especially water; 3. confusing, unclear.oscillate(v) 1. to move or swing back and forth with a regular rhythm; 2. to be undecided about an opinion or plan of action.residence(n) 1. the place in which a person lives; 2. the time period during which a person lives in a place; 3. the time period during which a person works or studies in a specific place, especially one training in medicine; 4. the official location of a business.role(n) 1. the part or character played by an actor or actress; 2. the actions or position expected of a person or group in an activity or situation; 3. the expected or normal behavior of a person in social setting.tranquil(adj) 1. quiet, peaceful, calm; 2. not tense, agitated, or restless; 3. steady.aloof(adv) at a distance, but in view, usually due to a lack of interest or feelings; apart; (adj) 1. lacking emotional involvement; disinterested; 2. staying apart from others.appease(v) to bring peace, quiet, or calm to, especially by giving what is wanted or needed; satisfy.benevolence(n) 1. a desire to do kind, helpful things for others; 2. an act of kindness.bolt(n) 1. a sliding bar which locks a door; 2. a flash of lightning; 3. a fastening rod, a screw; 4. a sudden movement or event; 5. a roll of cloth or paper; (v) 1. to lock with a bolt; 2. to make a sudden movement, especially when running, jumping, talking, eating, etc.; 3. to discontinue support from a political party; 4. to roll cloth or paper into a bolt.clandestine(adj) 1. secret or hidden; 2. done in a sneaky way, usually to hide something illegal or improper.credulous(adj) 1. tending to believe or trust too quickly, especially without evidence.delirious(adj) 1. suffering from, or experiencing, a temporary state of extreme confusion; 2. wild uncontrolled excitement, especially joyful.desecrate(v) to violate, remove, or reduce the holy, sacred, or highly respected, or the character of.despondency(n) the state of being depressed and hopeless.emaciated(adj) extremely skinny, thin, especially due to illness or starvation.fester1. to make pus or an ulcer; 2. to rot; 3. to cause or to become angry and resentful; (n) a sore which is infected and contains pus.impertinent(adj) 1. lacking good manners; acting too pushy or bold; 2. not important or related to the matter at hand.loathe(v) to hate; to be disgusted with.nonchalance(n) a lack of concern; state of remaining calm, seeming not to care.partisan(n) 1. a strong supporter of a person, group, or idea, especially related to politics; 2. a member of a group organized to fight against enemies who have come into their territory; (adj) devoted to, or showing strong support for, a political party, group, or cause.preeminence(n) the state or quality of being superior or above all others; high status.prodigy(n) 1. a person with exceptional talent, ability, or intelligence, especially a young person; 2. something wonderful and unusual; 3. a sign of something to come.quell(v) to put an end to; to take away.rue(v) to feel sorrow or regret, usually related to a prior act or decision; (n) sorrow; regret.wanton(adj) 1. done without reason or motive in a deliberately harmful way; 2. recklessly ignoring what is right, kind, and fair; 3. excessive; significantly beyond what is normal in terms of material objects, comfort, and pleasure.articulate(adj) 1. spoken clearly, pronouncing each sound and syllable; 2. well spoken or written with a good command of the language; (v) 1. to speak clearly; 2. to express thoughts and ideas effectively.capitulate(v) to surrender, give in, or settle, usually with agreed upon terms.connoisseur(n) a person with expert knowledge and the ability to judge quality in a field, especially in the fine arts.deft(adj) quick and skillful, especially in hand movements.diminish(v) to make or become smaller, less, or less important.din(n) a loud, noisy, continuous sound; (v) to make a loud, continuous sound.disdain(v) to look down on with a lack of respect; to dislike; (n) a feeling of disrespect or a show of extreme dislike.enchanting(adj) 1. charming, pleasing; 2. having the power to attract as if by a magical spell.excise(n) a tax on certain products; (v) 1. to place a tax on; 2. to remove by cutting out or away.foreboding(n) a feeling that something bad is going to happen; an omen; (v) predicting something bad will happen; (adj) characterized by a feeling of impending danger or difficulty.furrow(n) 1. a narrow groove or wrinkle, such as in the ground or the skin; 2. a trench made by a plow; (v) to make grooves, trenches, or deep wrinkles.homaage(n) a sign of great respect or honor.hone(n) a stone or tool used for sharpening cutting tools; (v) 1. to sharpen with a hone; 2. to make better or more effective; to improve.immpeccable(adj) 1. perfect; without flaws or errors; 2. unable to do wrong.incessant(adj) continuing without stopping; unending.obstinate(adj) 1. refusing or unwilling to change one's attitude, opinion, or course of action; 2. not easy to control, guide, or discipline.parody(n) 1. an amusing imitation or intentional misrepresentation of a work of art, music, or literature; 2. a very bad imitation; (v) to imitate poorly or for the purpose of making fun of.peevish(adj) irritable; complaining; easily made angry.rile(v) to irritate; to make angrystaid(adj) 1. very serious and proper, especially in an old-fashioned way; 2. fixed, permanent.afflictto cause mental or physical pain; to cause great suffering or unhappiness.alludeto refer to in a casual, indirect, or disguised manner.calamitya great misfortune, loss, or disaster; a state of severe distress or misery.capriciouscharacterized or subject to impulse or whim; likely to change suddenly.dispelto cause or force to go away, especially thoughts. To cause to separate and go into different directions.fortitudemental and emotional strength that allows one to cope with great difficulty, pain, or danger.imprudentnot wise or careful in handling one's interests or practical manners; without much thought; not careful in handling one's conduct or behavior.indolencea state of laziness or inactivity, especially due to a dislike of work.irreparableimpossible to repair, correct, or change.languorouslacking in mental or physical energy; listless; characterized as having a dreamy, lazy mood.malicea desire to cause injury, harm, or suffering to another. The act of carrying out a wrongful act without cause or reason, that causes injury or harm to another.markedlyin a clear and noticeable manner.procureto obtain or get through special efforts, to bring about.propheticcharacterized by telling of the future or predicting what is to come.robustfull of health and strength, rich and full in flavor. Rough or rude.stifleto hold back, keep in, or cut off to stop or end by force to smother. To suppress.tenetan opinion, belief, or principle believed by a group or an organization to be true; doctrine.tethera rope or chain used to hold someone or something to a fixed object, to fasten or tie down with a rope or chain.tumulta loud and noisy outburst or disturbance of a crowd; a state of confusion or agitation of the mind or emotions.vestigea mark, sign, or evidence of something that no longer exists; a very slight trace or amount of something; remnant.Affectation(n) 1. an attempt to appear or show what is not natural or real; 2. artificial behavior meant to impress others.Alleviate(v) 1. to make easier to endure; to lighten or lessen a burden; 2. to provide physical relief, especially from pain.Apathy(n) 1. lack of interest or concern; 2. lack of emotion, feeling, or excitement.Arduous(adj) 1. requiring great effort or energy; 2. hard to climb.Besiege(v) 1. to surround with forces, especially to bring about a surrender; 2. to cause feelings of distress or worry; 3. to irritate or annoy continually, especially with questions or requests.Countenance(n) 1. appearance, especially the look or expression on one's face; 2. approval or encouragement; (v) to approve, support, or allow.Defer(v) 1. to put off to a later time; 2. to give in to or accept the opinions or ideas of others, especially out of respect.Desolate(adj) 1. not productive, bare, or laid waste; devastated; 2. deserted; without inhabitants; 3. lonely; having the feeling of being abandoned; (v) 1. to ruin or destroy completely; 2. to leave alone or abandon; 3. to take away all of the population.Diffident(adj) 1. lacking self-confidence; shy and timid; 2. reserved or holding back, in manner or conduct.Folly(n) 1. the state or act of being foolish or lacking good sense; 2. a foolish act or idea, often one which wastes a great deal of money.Instigate(v) 1. to provoke or stir up; 2. to promote the growth or development of, especially trouble or rebellion.Lament(v) 1. to feel, show, or express sorrow or regret, often verbally; (n) 1. an expression or feeling of grief or sorrow; 2. a poem or song expressing deep grief or mourning.Livid(adj) 1. discolored, as from a bruise; black-and-blue or ashy-gray; 2. extremely angry; furious.Pristine(adj) 1. completely free from dirt or contamination; 2. retaining its original pure state; uncorrupted; 3. of, or typical of, the earliest period, state, or condition.Repulse(v) 1. to drive back or force away; 2. to reject with rudeness or denial; (n) the act of repulsing or state of being repulsed; rejection.Reverie(n) 1. a state of absent-minded or dreamy imagination; 2. a daydream; 3. a fanciful or impractical idea.Succinct(adj) 1. expressed in few words; 2. characterized by clear, concise expression; 3. compressed into a small area.Tenacious(adj) 1. holding firmly, unwilling to let go; 2. holding together firmly; adhesive; 3. stubborn, persistent; 4. having the ability to retain or remember.Tempest(n) 1. a violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow; 2. violent or extreme commotion or disturbance.Transmute(v) to change from one form, nature, substance, or condition into another; transform