20 terms

Crane, Douglass, Bierce Vocabulary

precipitate (v.)
cause to happen before expected or desired
aggregation (n.)
group of distinct objects or individuals
inscrutable (adj.)
impossible to see; mysterious
disdainfully (adv.)
showing scorn or contempt
glade (n.)
open space in a wood or forest
congenial (adj.)
benevolent (adj.)
kindly; charitable
stringency (n.)
strictness; severity
depravity (n.)
corruption; wickedness
consternation (n.)
great fear or shock that makes one feel helpless or bewildered
redolent (adj.)
etiquette (n.)
appropriate behavior
deference (n.)
respect; regard
imperious (adj.)
urgent; imperative
summarily (adv.)
promptly and without formality
effaced (adj.)
erased; wiped out
oscillation (n.)
act of swinging back and forth
apprised (v.)
informed; notified
malign (adj.)
malicious; very harmful
ineffable (adj.)
too overwhelming to be spoken