Vocal Quiz 3 Chick and Mouse Body Plan

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Embryonic Pole
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Floor plateThe ventral part of the neural tube which signals the sclerotome to formHox genesA group of bomebox related genes that set the future developmental pathway of an organism by specifying positions along the axis.Co-linearityorder of hox gene expression in organisms chromosomes corresponds to spatial and temporal expressionHomeodomainA 3D part of a protein that is 60 amino acids long which contains alpha helices that becomes inserted into the DNA and contributes to specifying the anterior posterior axesParalogshomologous genes in the same speciesposterior dominanceposterior Hox genes tend to inhibit the action of more anterior Hox genesLox P sequencesA short 34 base pair DNA sequence that removes mutated genes through enzymesNeurulationdevelopment of the nervous systemSitus inversusreversed position of organscell autonomousindependent of other cells and driven by genesnon cell autonomousneeds other cells and is driven by cell to cell communication for development